Discover #theLisiánthusway

The Collection

Through its simple shapes expresses a minimalistic idea.  Every creation is a proof of the italian craftsmanship of the roman maison.
Four models: Miss Rutherford, Rorò, Micro Rorò, Contrasto.
Thirteen bags entirely handmade with exotic leather and precious calfskin.


Kelly Rutherford 

Kelly Rutherford

Icon of glam and chic simplicity, the American actress Kelly Rutherford is Lisianthus’ brand ambassador.
The Creative Director of the maison, Massimiliano Mastrangelo, has been a long time friend of the actress since the early beginnings of the brand, he has widely recognised her as his ‘one and only’ muse.
As a matter of fact, the simple yet effective shapes of the ‘Miss Rutherford’ bag are designed with the sole intent of spreading Kelly’s charming influence on Massimiliano.


The Creative Designer

massimiliano mastrangelo

Originally from Italy and based in London, Massimiliano is a self-taught designer who is now pursuing a degree in Fashion Design.  The Maison represents his creativity through minimalistic shapes and fine quality of the handbags which are crafted in Florence.

" The expression of my creativity was realized in my brand: Lisiánthus, which represents my personality in every way. "
Massimiliano Mastrangelo